Skype Acquires Qik, Plans To Improve Video Calling Products

Who could ever seen this coming? The deal, sure, but more than that, Skype taking over the communications world? It has only taken Skype a few years to really go from being a VoIP startup to being a world-recognized name for calling. Recently, the company announced that they hit a record 27 million simultaneous connections, and on any given day you'll find over 10 million logged on, just waiting to make a phone call. Landline connections have been on the decline for some time with the proliferation of mobile phones, and the explosion of Skype is only intensifying that decline.

Recently, Skype announced that Video Calling would be coming to the iPhone, iPod touch and Verizon's upcoming line of 4G LTE phones. So if Skype's getting so involved with video calling, why not partner with a company that has a long history of being great in delivering over-the-air video calls? That's just what Skype has done, and this week the company has officially wrapped up their acquisition of Qik. You may remember that Qik found a home on Sprint's EVO 4G as the primary video calling app that worked over 4G, and now Skype is going to be integrating that delivery technology (we assume) into their own products.

Skype has turned into a company with a lot more to offer than just free VoIP calls. It's now a full-on communications company, and they have to keep improving their products if they plan to keep pace with the competition. Skype's official take on the acquisition? "We’re very excited about this move, and look forward to working together with the Qik team to make our mobile video products even better." Let's keep it comin', guys!
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