Skynet Takes On Whole New Meaning As Tokyo Net Drones Take Flight

skynet drone banner
Everyone likes to talk about the impending rise of Skynet, as portrayed in the Terminator series. Our increasing reliance on computers and the rapid advanced in artificial intelligence and deep machine learning have people like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Steve Wozniak worried about AI being used for autonomous war machines.

However, it looks as though Skynet has already arrived; albeit it’s probably not exactly what you envisioned. Government agencies around the world are looking for ways to combat a staggering increase in the number of drones that are taking to the skies. In the United States alone, drones have interfered with firefighting operations, commercial aircraft, and some inventive souls have even strapped firearms to them. The U.S. government is so worried, in fact, that the FAA is looking to adopt drone registration to keep tabs on the flying nuisances.

Japan, however, is taking a different course of action. It is looking to “take out” rogue drones with… well, bigger drones. Rather than shooting trespassing drones out of the air, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is instead using large “interceptor drones” equipped with a 3x2 meter net to scoop up the drones in mid-flight. Police officials will use the interceptor drones as a last resort if the offending drone’s operator cannot be first tracked down (or if they simply decide not to comply with police officer’s commands).

"We will beef up security at key facilities using interceptor drones in order to prevent danger and obstruction caused by drones,” said MPD deputy superintendent general Fumio Yamashita.

Tokyo authorities first decides to implement its own skynet after a drone wound up on the roof of the prime minster’s office.

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