Skrillex Teams With Google For ‘Editions’ Live Cases For Android Phones

Google has just introduced its first 'Live Case', as part of an 'Editions' series, for a handful of different Android devices. It's an interesting concept, and from the get go, the first release caters to fans of Skrillex -- or rather, huge fans of Skrillex.

Google Skrillex

When using a phone equipped with one of these cases, which sport art from Skrillex himself, users will gain access to a number of neat perks. The one that will be most noticeable from day-to-day is a live wallpaper, which during the day, shows images of Earth, while at night, shows constellations that are visible from your location.

If none of that sounds like a big deal, it's made a big deal because of its exclusivity. The images that are sent to this live wallpaper come from a satellite Google and Skrillex launched into the skies for this campaign. This satellite is named after Skrillex's dog, Nanou, and once the "mission" is complete, one lucky owner of the Live Case will win it.

Just to be clear, we haven't lost our minds. You can hit up the link below to confirm that.

Continuing on, the Live Case also grants exclusive access to Skrillex content, as well as a free copy of an album from Skrillex's OWSLA label on Google Play.

If you're interested in Skrillex's Live Case, you'll need to own a Nexus 5 or 6, or a Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, or Note 4. It'll be interesting to see how successful this project proves to be. Anyone want to take any guesses as to who the next featured artist could be?