Skiff & Sprint Preview Largest E-Reader Yet

Amazon's Kindle DX may have made some headlines when it was announced thanks to its 9.7-inch screen, but now Sprint and Skiff plan to take the crown for offering the largest e-reader on the market. The new Skiff Reader is just over a quarter of an inch thick, yet it manages to squeeze an 11.5-inch touchscreen display into its body.

The1200 x 1600 touchscreen is capable of responding to both finger and stylus input. In addition to being sleek, the Skiff Reader is designed for durability, featuring the next-generation of e-paper display. This display is based on a thin, flexible sheet of stainless steel foil from LG Display.

The e-reader offers 4GB of on-board storage, 3GB of which is available for storing content. For additional storage, the Skiff Reader has a SD card expansion slot. There's also a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can side-load content using a mini USB jack or Wi-Fi. What's even better, there will also be 3G connectivity built in to the device. The 3G service will be provided by Sprint which will dedicate some retail store space to make the reader more accessible for purchase.

Skiff claims the device weighs just over a pound and can last over a week of average use between charges. The Skiff Reader will integrate the upcoming Skiff e-reading service. You'll be able to purchase content through the Skiff Store as well as load your own personal and work documents.

Pricing is not yet available. The reader is expected to ship sometime this year.