Sirius XM Planning iPhone and iPod Touch App

It's kind of funny, really. Not even a month ago, we didn't know if Sirius would actually be a company come mid-March. Now, we're looking at an outfit with real potential for growth and success. Interesting how a perfect suitor and a good move to partner with a hot-as-fire device can change things, huh?

We've heard that Liberty Media (DirecTV's parent company) is already looking at the viability of Sirius XM-DirecTV bundles, which would presumably give DirecTVSirius XM subscription for a nominal fee. And considering just how many DirecTV subscribers are already out there and pleased as punch with their service, you can see that Sirius has a huge opportunity to expand its reach. As if that wasn't enough good news, the company has also made the incredibly wise decision to get its content onto what's easily the hottest, most hyped cellphone on the market: the iPhone.

More specifically, the company has announced on a recent conference call discussing its Q4 2008 earnings that a Sirius XM appApp Store. From there, iPod touch and iPhone owners will be able to download the app and access Sirius XM channels right on their device so long as a WiFi or 3G (we're guessing EDGE is too lethargic to handle the data stream) connection is within reach. Sirius's chief executive Mel Karmazin stated that it was "testing a number of initiatives to make Sirius content more ubiquitous," which sounds like a brilliant idea to us.

So, would you consider a Sirius XM subscription if you knew you could access that material for free on your iPhone or iPod touch? We're betting a huge chunk of you would, and clearly, Sirius is making that same wager.