Siri, Meet Your Virtual Assisant Sister, Nina

There was plenty of speculation and suspicion when Apple’s Siri launched that it was using Nuance technology; many assumed that Nuance was involved with Siri, at least on the back end, but both Apple and Nuance were strangely vague and evasive about it.

All of that seems irrelevant now, though, with Nuance’s announcement of Nina. The company bills Nina as the “virtual assistant for mobile customer service apps”, and like Siri, she uses speech recognition technology to help users figure things out and get things done. But Nina isn’t just some Siri clone.

Nina virtual assistant

Nina is available for both iOS and Android and uses speech recognition, text-to-speech, voice biometrics, and cloud-based Natural Language Understanding technologies. It can be integrated into existing apps so companies can brand their own version of Nina, and there’s a Nina Virtual Assistant SDK so devs can go to town on the new technology.

Here’s Nina in action:

Robert Weidman, executive vice president and general manager of the Nuance Enterprise Division said in a press release, “Nina is a watershed innovation for the automated customer service industry, not only because it brings the virtual assistant directly into an app, but because it raises the bar through its level of interactive dialog and language understanding.”

Part of the Nina release is a partnership with financial services provider USAA, which will incorporate Nina into its mobile app with a pilot program in August.
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