Simple Math: Apple Stocks Up, Samsung Stocks Down after Patent Ruling

You can file this one under Things Everyone Already Assumed, but a couple of reports noted that in the wake of Friday’s Apple vs. Samsung patent ruling (in case you didn’t already know, Samsung lost big time), Apple’s stock price was up this morning, while Samsung’s dropped.

Apple’s stock price opened today (the first day of trading since the verdict) at a record $680 per share, a notch above its old record of $674.88. (As of this writing, it’s settled a bit, down to $677.43) Meanwhile, Samsung saw a stock price drop of 7.5%.

Although Samsung is planning to appeal the decision, the company is currently on the hook for over a billion dollars in damages that will go directly into Apple’s pockets. A dwindling stock price will only add to the financial hit that Samsung is absorbing, as will the difficulties Samsung will likely face in the marketplace as some of its patent-infringing products may be yanked from shelves.

Apple's stock price on NASDAQ

The damage doesn’t end with Samsung, though; USA Today noted that Android handset maker HTC’s shares dipped almost 2%, and Google itself took a 1.45% hit to its stock value.

The only money Apple is losing today is on its champagne and confetti budget.