Silicon Valley Tech Ninjas Are Dropping ‘Microdoses’ Of LSD To Elevate Their Game

If HBO's Silicon Valley portrays anything, it's that competition in the Bay Area is fierce. And if you follow the tech scene at all, it's easy to observe the cut-throat atmosphere of the technical arena. This is so much the case, that it can lead to obvious detrimental effects in competitively charged company circles as a result of the level of stress present and the focus that is required to perform.

For reasons like these, some tech workers in Silicon Valley have started a trend of taking "micro-doses" of the illegal drug LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide). This drug, when used normally, can cause hallucinations, which clearly isn't ideal for being productive. But when taken at micro-dose levels (typically 10 - 20mcg or about one tenth of a normal dose), it can allegedly improve some motor-functions, including cognitive clarity, energy and focus, and perhaps even prompt a little more creativity.

The goal with these micro-doses isn't to "get high", but rather to simply boost your body's abilities, and some cases make it perform better overall. In speaking to Motherboard Vice, author James Fadiman backs this up by saying that, "It's as if messages are passing through [the] body more easily."

Flickr: Surian Soosay

It's obviously never a great idea to rely on drugs for anything unnecessarily, but even with regular doses, LSD is not a life-threatening drug (unless of course it causes you to do something dangerous while hallucinating), which is likely one of the reasons these tech workers are willing to take the risk.

These micro-doses really are "micro" and they're not meant to be taken every day, but instead every fourth day. By doing so, people can go on with their everyday lives while allegedly fostering a sharper mind and more energy, at least according to reports. 

It almost seems too good to be true, doesn't it? While that might be the case, there are still some serious precautions that must be taken by anyone considering this route. Despite not being an overly dangerous drug, LSD is still placed in the same category as cocaine and heroin. Not to mention, possession of the controlled substance can lead to repercussions that would completely negate any possible perk the drug could offer in the work place.

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