Silicon Power Reveals 2.5-Inch 256GB SATA II SSD

Solid state drives just keep getting bigger, better, faster and more abundant, and for tech enthusiasts who have been watching those sky-high prices remain above their budgets for far too long, that's a good thing to hear. Silicon Power has stepped up today to introduce a spacious 256GB 2.5-inch SATA II SSD, which doubles up on its previously-largest 128GB version.

The drive remains generally the same as its less roomy sibling, boasting a read speed of 165 MB/s and a write speed of 95MB/s. It also promises extremely low latency (0.2 milliseconds) along with a new "cutting edge controller." As with every other SSD, this one also resists drops, bumps and shakes, and should be about as reliable as an internal drive could be. The new 256GB SSD also features an integrated ECC (Error Correction Code) to ensure an accurate data transfer, as well as built-in wear leveling technology that guarantees long-term reliability and an ultra-long storage lifespan. Silicon Power has designed this drive to be a drop-in solution for existing laptop owners looking for higher levels of reliability and quicker boot and access times.

Unfortunately, the company doesn't make mention of a price or expected release date, so our best advice is to simply keep your eyes peeled if this one looks like a winner to you.