Sidekick Slide Pulled for, Yes, Slide Issues

If a product is called the Slide, don't you think you really ought to test the heck out of the "slide" part?  Apparently T-Mobile didn't.

T-Mobile confirmed Monday that it had temporarily suspended sales of the Sidekick Slide until it can discover why the phone is turning off when the device is opened and closed. The issue is localized to the Slide models, produced by Motorola. The Sharp-produced Sidekick LX and iD are not affected, T-Mobile said. The Slide first disappeared from the carrier's online store late on Friday.

We shouldn't limit blame on testing to T-Mobile, of course, since Motorola manufactures the device.  Still, it's not a good week for T-Mobile, what with Vodafone's court date (see our earlier post) upcoming.

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