Shuttle ST20G5, Pentium 840 EE, Abit Tour & More

Good afternoon folks! Things are a little hectic behind the scenes here at HotHardware today, so I'm going to jump right into today's first serving of news. There's some good stuff to check out today, and I'm sure tomorrow will be interesting as well.  But something tells me Wednesday is going to be fun.  Take my word for it...

 Shuttle ST20G5 XPC @ t-break:

"A blue LED for power and an orange LED for hard drive activity are present besides the power and reset buttons on the front and the good thing is that unlike certain Shuttle XPCs, they're not extremely bright. The front panel flips open to reveal two USB, one firewire and audio input and output jacks while an external 3.5" drive can also be accessed through the center bay."

 ZALMAN VF700-Cu VGA Cooler @ Techniz:

"The ZALMAN VF700-Cu is a very good VGA cooler in terms of the performance and the stylish look. The VF700-Cu VGA Cooler performs very well during our testing. Moreover, it is made of fully copper which is a very good material for cooling. The design of this VGA Cooler is very stylish and nice, and the cooling fan use for it is a large, powerful and a silent fan. But, there is some downside of the VF700-Cu VGA Cooler which is it will takes up to two PCI slot spaces after installing it. Anyway, the VF700-Cu VGA Cooler is a very good VGA cooler to buy if you plan to change since it does support universal VGA cards even you upgrade your VGA cards in the future."

 NVIDIA graphics drivers to go multithreaded @ TR:

"I spoke recently with Ben de Waal, NVIDIA's Vice President of GPU software, and he revealed that NVIDIA has plans to produce multithreaded ForceWare graphics drivers for its GeForce graphics products."

 Intel Pentium4 840 Extreme Edition and 840D @ LostCircuits:

"Dual cores are becoming mainstream. Both Intel and AMD's flagship CPUs are using two cores on a single die, albeit, with different interfacing strategies. In addition, Intel offers the ExtremeEdition with HyperThreading capability to double the logical cores to a total of four units. On the other hand, the dual cores are offset by a lower clock speed, at 3.2 GHz, the Smithfield core lags 600 MHz behind the fastest single core Pentium4 offered by Intel."

 ABIT Factory Tour in SuZhou, China @ Hardware Secrets:

"ABIT factory, called Rolly, is located in SuZhou city (the correct pronunciation is "su-jou"), around 62.5 miles (100 Km) east from Shanghai. SuZhou is a small town for Chinese standards, with 1 million inhabitants and its main attraction is their gardens, over 2,000 spread all over the city."

Well, that's going to have to hold you over for now.  Time to get back to benchmarking...