Short Lines For Verizon's iPhone 4 On Launch Day

Can there be too much of a good thing? That's probably not exactly the case with Verizon's iPhone 4, but whatever it is, lines were shorter than they usually are when Apple launches a new phone. But could anyone really be surprised? Despite being rumored for ages, you have to think that most everyone in America who desperately wanted an iPhone 4 already made the switch AT&T. The iPhone brand has been around since 2007; that's a long time to hold out, and few people actually did.

The lines on Feb. 10th for the first public launch of the Verizon iPhone were very, very short around the country. Queues were minimal pretty much everywhere, and even Apple's flagship NYC store still had plenty of stock at lunch on launch day. People simply didn't flock out to switch carriers or grab a dated iPhone. And that's the other part of the problem. Despite the fact that most people believe Verizon's network is superior to AT&T's network, the iPhone 4 is old in cellphone years. An iPhone 5 is expected this summer, since Apple has delivered a new one each summer ever since the first one shipped.

So if you've waited 4 years for a Verizon iPhone 4, why not wait another 5-6 months for a Verizon iPhone 5? Judging by the short lines, that's apparently what most people are thinking -- just hold out, and then make the leap this summer. We suspect lines for Verizon's (presumed) iPhone 5 will be much, much longer.