Shooting Victim Saved As Samsung Galaxy Mega Takes A Bullet For Him

In the movie Rush Hour, Jackie Chan's character brags to Chris Tucker that his father once caught a bullet with his bare hands. That would be impressive if it actually happened, but to the best of our knowledge, Rush Hour is completely fictional. What isn't fictional, however, is that a Samsung Galaxy Mega phablet saved a man's life by doing what Jackie Chan's dad supposedly did -- catch a bullet.

Citing a Chinese language news report, 9to5Google says a man in Taiwan was shot in the chest during an altercation at a bar over a missing wallet. As the story goes, a man named Han found the troublesome wallet on the street and, in a moment of jest stated, "Free beer!"

Samsung Galaxy Mega
Image Source: AppleDaily

The wallet's owner, Xu, didn't take kindly to the joke and whipped out a gun. Seeing the weapon, Han pulled out a sickle and lunged at Xu, who shot Han. The bullet went though Han's arm and was en route to his chest, but lucky for him, it hit his Galaxy Mega phablet that was sitting in his shirt pocket. It stopped the bullet, and likely saved the man's life.

Han is expected to fully recover, though his phablet is now dead, having unwittingly sacrificed itself to save its owner.