Sharp Announces 1080p 5-inch Mobile Displays

At the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) 2012 convention in Japan this morning, Sharp gave attendees a glimpse of its new 5-inch Full HD 1080p LCD panels for smartphones. That's right -- while the majority of Ultrabook makers struggle to cram 1080p displays into thin and light laptops, Sharp is getting it done on smartphone-sized screens.

Pixel density checks in at an incredible 443 pixels per inch (ppi), beating out the Retina Display on Apple's iPhone 5 model, which measures 4 inches and features a 326 ppi. It's also higher than the Samsung Galaxy S III (4.8 inches, 306 ppi) and Nokia Lumia 920 (4.5-inches, 332 ppi).

Sharp 5-inch LCD Panel

Sharp says the 5-inch panels employ CG-Silicon technology, which is a new pixel design with an "innovative production process to achieve the same number of pixels in a smartphone-size screen as there are in a Full HD LCD TV." Pixel density is about 1.3x greater than that of a conventional LCD panel, resulting in crisp text, clear mapping imagery, and vibrant HD images, Sharp says.

When or where these new panels will manifest wasn't revealed, though Sharp did say that it's been producing them since September and will kick into full scale production this month.
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