Sharkoon Rush FireGlider Does 3600 DPI Cheaply

Looking for a new mouse to up that frag count? Sharkoon is hoping you look its way, as it has just delivered an all new input peripheral into its growing line of PC accessories. The Rush FireGlider is similar to many other gaming mice in most areas, but a few unique features make this one worth considering if you're in the market.

For starters, it's a laser mouse with a refresh rate that can be adjusted from 600 to 3600DPI on the fly. There is an array of multi-colored LEDs on the device itself to let users know which DPI level has been selected, and the Teflon feet on the bottom enable smooth movements over hard surfaces. As with many of its competitors, this mouse too boasts an ergonomically formed body and six programmable buttons, but it does feature two options that aren't exactly status quo.

First off, the high-gloss flame design won't suit everyone's fancy, but it's definitely vivid for those looking to garner attention at all costs. Then there's the weight tuning system, which gives users the ability to adjust the weight of the mouse to their individual preferences or specific gaming situations. The internal magazine of weights gives gamers the ability to adjust it from 118 to 135 grams, ensuring that this thing won't slip off anywhere it isn't supposed to while in an intense deathmatch.

It's ready to purchase right now in Europe for 25 Euros, which means it'll run visiting Americans around $31.

New Gaming Mouse from Sharkoon

Sharkoon Rush FireGlider: Laser mouse with flame-décor, six programmable buttons, a weight tuning system and DPI selector switch / MSRP 25 euros

Sharkoon has expanded its Rush gamer line with a new, high-quality laser mouse. The Sharkoon FireGlider Gaming Mouse features an ergonomically formed body, six programmable buttons, weight tuning system and a stylish high-gloss flame design. The black thumb pad features a no-slip grip with angled slits to provide excellent stability even in the most frantic of situations.

The high-quality ADNS-6010 sensor has a maximum resolution of 3600 DPI (7080 fps) and can handle acceleration speeds of up to 20 Gs.  The refresh rate can be adjusted on the fly from 600 - 3600 DPI, and multi-colour LEDs show users what the current rate is. Super fast Teflon mouse feet allow for ultra-smooth movement on hard surfaces.

With the integrated weight tuning system gamers are able to adjust the weight of the mouse to their individual preferences or specific gaming situations. A specially designed magazine holds up to seven metal weights, adjusting the weight from 118 to 135 grams.

The Sharkoon FireGlider has six buttons and a scroll wheel, six of which are programmable with the included control software to ease both gaming and day to day PC functions. With the onboard memory, gamers can load useful macros for specific actions. The Sharkoon FireGlider has a 1.8m cable, connects via USB and comes with support for Windows 2000, XP, XP (64) and Vista x86. Included with the mouse is one set of replacement mouse feet.

End customers will find the Sharkoon Rush FireGlider Gaming Mouse available immediately from authorized retailers for the suggested retail price of 25 euros.

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