Sharkoon's April Fools Gaming Chair For Two And Sharkquarium PC Need To Happen

Sharkoon Sharkquarium
Having been writing about technology since before my goatee sprouted gray hairs, I can say the most challenging time of the year is always April 1st. Wading through April Fools' Day gags to report on actual news is not always as easy as it may sound. Except when the products are so outlandish, there's no way they could be true. So it goes with the Sharkquarium, one of two products Sharkoon announced today, the other being a more feasible double-wide gaming chair for two. It's a shame they're not real.

Starting with the Sharkquarium, despite the product page's claim that this "ultimate water-cooling solution" requires no radiators or tubing and "can simply be filled with water right up to the power supply tunnel," actually doing so would fry your components. Not initially, mind you, as you might get away with dunking your PC parts in hardware and having them survive if they're allowed to completely dry before powering them up. Even then, you risk mineral deposits building up and wreaking havoc.

Sharkoon hasn't solved this little problem to make a PC like this possible, though it amusingly tries to convince us otherwise.

Sharkoon Sharkquarium closeup
"This is made possible by the completely water-safe construction, which separates the power supply tunnel from the rest of the case interior. In addition, the SHARK REPELLENT JUICE™ efficiently protects all components from damage caused by water. Through the side panel made of tempered glass, you can not only see the hardware, but you can also conveniently use the PC case as an aquarium for freshwater fish! A feeding flap is included!," Sharkoon says.

Ah yes, Shark Repellent Juice! We don't recommend going scuba diving in the depths of the ocean without it. There's also Sharkoon's innovative Current Seeker fan, which "ensures movement in the water at all times and thus generates enough oxygen for the ornamental fish inside." We wouldn't want those ornamental fish suffocating, after all.

While clearly a gag, this brings to mind the mineral oil PC mods we've seen, like the one Puget Systems put together a long while back. And let's not forget, Microsoft year demonstrating dunking data center hardware into a liquid bath using a specially engineered fluid from 3M.

Perhaps the most unbelievable part of the Sharquarium announcement, however, is the price—just 315 euros (around $348 in US currency).

Sharkoon Skiller SGS30 Partner Edition Gaming Chair

Sharkoon Skille SGS30 Partner Editition gaming chair
Less outlandish but also not real (I think) is the Skiller SGS30 Partner Edition gaming chair. Sharkoon does actually make and sell a Skiller SGS30 gaming chair for one, but this is essentially a double-wide version for couples or buddies, or whatever.

While also a gag (probably), Sharkoon might actually be on to something here. Furniture makers design loveseats for the living room, so not port the same concept over to PC gaming?

"Sharkoon introduces the world’s first ever two-seater gaming chair, allowing couples to spend time together while gaming. For this purpose, the five-star base and the gas lift piston have been reinforced, so that even with the weight of two people, the chair meets the quality and expectations of an SGS30 gaming chair," Sharkoon says.

Getting the balance right would probably be a bit tricky, but the Partner Edition chair is a product that could actually happen. Whether it will, well, time will tell.