Sharkoon Announces New Budget-Conscious PSUs

By the end of the month, those searching for a budget-friendly PSU have six new options from Sharkoon. The company announced new models in the WPM series and QP series.

The modular WPM models (with an efficiency of over 80%) are available in 400, 500, and 600W models and include fabric- or mesh-covered cables including 20+4-pin mainboard, 4+4-pin CPU, 6+2-pin PCI-E, 6-pin PCI, and six SATA connectors. These PSUs have a 140mm cooling fan and are built to prevent power issues including surges, short circuits, and over-currents.

With the 80 PLUS Bronze certification, the QP models operate at between 82-85% efficiency depending on load and have a 120mm cooling fan. Two separate 12V circuits power 20+4-pin mainboard, 4+4-pin CPU, 6-pin PCI-E (400W model only), 6+2-pin PCI-E (500 and 600W models only), six SATA connectors, and more.

Like the WPM series, the new QP models come in 400, 500, and 600W configurations and are designed to mitigate problems such as power surges.

WPM Series

The models come in prices as listed below:

Sharkoon WPM400 400W ATX MSRP 44.99 euros (about $61.31 USD)
Sharkoon WPM500 500W ATX MSRP 49.99 euros (about $68.12 USD)
Sharkoon WPM600 600W ATX MSRP 59.90 euros (about $81.63 USD)

Sharkoon QP400 400W ATX MSRP 49.99 euros (about $68.12 USD)
Sharkoon QP500 500W ATX MSRP 54.90 euros (about $74.81 USD)
Sharkoon QP600 600W ATX MSRP 64.90 euros (about $88.44 USD)
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