Seriously Google, No One Builds A Cheeseburger Like That

When it comes to covering the tech industry, we're usually tasked with covering topics that are for the most part serious topics. Be it Apple’s iPhone X or NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 1070 Ti or perceived shortcomings with Google's Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. However, Google came under fire for something this weekend that to many is likely downright silly.

The discussion kicked off this weekend with the following tweet regarding Google's cheeseburger emoji:

See anything wrong here? Apparently, Google didn't get the memo about the proper placement of the cheese on the burger. The mere image of Google's burger sent both regular burger connoisseurs and foodies alike into fits of [mock] rage over the faux pas. For starters, the cheese should be on top of the burger (don't question me on this – this is a fact!), while the cheese should be insulated from the top bun by tomatoes and/or lettuce.

The reactions that this Google emoji provoked from folks around the globe were both humorous and informative, to say the least:

As for how all software platforms and device OEMs handle the burger emoji, take a look at this lineup from Emojipedia:

burger emojis

So, what exactly is Google's stance on the topic, now that its "taste" has been called into question with regards to the proper representation of a cheeseburger? Google CEO Sundar Pinchai decided to chime in via Twitter:

At least Pincahi can take the time to find humor in all of this attention, even if we’re sure that he has far bigger fish to fry during his daily duties running Google. HotHardware readers, tell us in the comments below how you like your burgers constructed.