September Ship Date For iPhone 6S Leaked By UK Carrier Vodafone

Remember when almost none of Apple's products had informational leaks in advance of their launch? How times have changed. Now we're seeing leaks three months in advance of a launch, with the latest victim being the next iPhone.

This leak comes courtesy of UK carrier Vodafone, which sent out an email to staff to inform them that the launch date for the "next iPhone" is September 25th. Note the quotes -- that's where things get a little interesting. History would tell us that the next iPhone would be the iPhone 6S, but this wording could mean that it will instead be the iPhone 7.

iPhone 6S Size Representation

Of course, that wording could mean nothing at all, but considering the fact that the S models have typically been refinements of the previous models rather than what we'd consider a major upgrade (which a major new version number would imply), it does seem peculiar. With Apple's WWDC set to kick off this week, it's possible we could learn more there, but it's truly hard to say -- it just seems much too early.

Nonetheless, unless things change, it looks like Apple's next iPhone, whatever it will be called, will be released late September, with pre-orders set to kick off on September 18th.