Sennheiser Announces Platform Agnostic U 320 Gaming Headset

One of the problems with being a multi-platform gamer that enjoys gaming on a PC just as much as on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 console is that it gets mighty expensive stocking up on separate peripherals for each one. Can't we all just get along? Sennheiser thinks so, and to prove it, the company released its first pair of multi-platform headphones, the U 320.

"The average age of gamers today is 25 years old and ‘mature gamers’ play on consoles more than they play on PC. This is why Sennheiser created the U 320, offering gamers a consistent high-quality sound experience on every platform," Sennheiser explains. "So, if the kids are busy on the Xbox, a user can just plug the headset into a Mac, PC or PS3 and enjoy time alone without disturbing others."

Sennheiser U 320

Sennheiser's gamer-friendly headset features CircleFlex ear cups that automatically adjust to your head. The U 320 also boasts an open acoustic design to keep your head ventilated, dual volume controls (audio and chat), noise cancelling technology, bass boost, a low-noise amplifier, and a 4-meter cable.

Look for the U 320 to ship later this fall for $170 with a 2-year warranty.