Select Target Stores Will Contain Mini Apple Stores

During a presentation today, Target confirmed plans to have "special displays" of Apple products in 25 of its retail stores. Although few details are available regarding the partnership, we would expect the deal to be similar to the deal between Apple and Best Buy in which the big-box electronics store sells Apple products from dedicated mini stores.

Apple won't be the only exclusive store within Target: The company is also planning other exclusive shops that will sell everything from candy to clothing. Target is calling the concept, "The Shops at Target." Starting in early May, you can expect to find items from various boutiques such as Boston's Polka Dog Bakery and San Francisco's The Candy Store in Target stores and on the company's website. The items are expected to be available for six weeks; a new collection will be introduced in the fall.

The partnership between Apple and Target could prove to be good for both companies: For Apple, it provides a way to offer products in smaller markets where a full-blown retail store is not practical. For Target, receiving a kick-back from the sale of Apple's popular products and various accessories has to be appealing.

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