Seiko SlimStick Tracks Your Every Move

Those of us who try to make excuses for not jogging or working out at the gym because we "are always active during the day" will either be proved or disproved by the Seiko SlimStick.  More than just a pedometer, it keeps track of your every movement and determines exactly how many calories are burned.

The exercise monitor is about the size of a pack of gum and utilizes dual-axis accelerometers to track the magnitude of your movements.

The SlimStick counts burned calories, the amount of time you were active for, and the number of steps walked.  All of this data will be processed to create an overall exercise quality score, allowing you to compare and analyze different days.  The device stores up to three months of data.

The bad news?  Only available in Japan.  I guess, as with the Wii Fit, they expect us to wait for anything to help us increase our lifespans.
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