Sega Forever Ports Classic Games To iOS And Android With Cloud Save And Bluetooth Support

sega forever
There is no question that gamers not only like to take advantage of the latest, fastest, and ultra-realistic 4K games, but sometimes we all would just like to kick back and enjoy games from a “simpler” time. Sega is looking to get in on the action with some of its own retro gaming goodness, and its method of delivering games allows it to reach a potential audience of well over two billion devices.

Via its Sega Forever initiative, games will be available (at least initially) on iOS and Android platforms. That provides immediate access to well over 80 percent of the global smartphone market. Sega Forever is launching with a total of five retro games, which will be available for free to play. There, however, is a “gotcha” though with that free label — you will have to deal with ads.

If the ads are an absolute nuisance in to your eyes, you can optionally pay $1.99 per game to remove them with an in-app purchase. No matter which route you take, you’ll receive offline play, cloud save functionality, online leaderboards and support for Bluetooth controllers. 

The following five games will be provided at launch:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Altered Beast
  • Comix Zone
  • Kid Chameleon
  • Phantasy Star II

Sega also promises that new games will be added to the tally every two weeks to fuel your retro fetish. And if you’re gaming on iOS, you will receive a free iMessage sticker pack for each game the you download, which is a nice touch.

If there’s anything that the Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition taught us, it’s that gamers are crazy for retro games. First introduced at the $59.99 price point, the miniature console became an immediate sales hit, supplies were extremely limited, and some gamers resorted to paying 4 to 5 times the retail price to get one (via sites like eBay and the Amazon Marketplace).