SecureDrives GSM-Equipped SSD Will Physically Self-Destruct With a Simple Text Message

Passwords, fingerprints, brain scanners, and drive encryption. All great things to have, and all are items that would keep prying eyes from digging too deep into whatever is on your laptop's hard drive. But what if those things weren't enough? What if you were extremely paranoid, and just couldn't think of owning a laptop without James Bond-level security options onboard? Enter SecureDrives SDSR -- a family of SSD drives that can actually self-destruct if you find yourself in a serious bind.

The drives have a SIM card embedded onto them, and the worldwide roaming capabilities mean that the right text message to the right number will render the drive useless and impossible to salvage. There's a physical destruction mechanism onboard, so you best be sure that you really want things gone forever before sending the text.

Beyond that, the drives also have a few other tricks: if someone tries to pry open the case, the self-destruct code will go off as well. There's no word on pricing, but if you're the type who can't ever be too careful, does the MSRP really concern you?
Tags:  SSD, security, Theft