Score! Sealed Nintendo And Sega Games Found In Storage Facility From 1994 Store Closing

video game found stock
Video games from the 1980s and 1990s have become collector’s items but it is increasingly difficult to find them. It is therefore quite exciting whenever a collection of these gems appear. A video game reseller recently discovered a stash of sealed SNES, Genesis, Saturn, 3DO and Sega CD games from the 1990s. Many of the games they found can be worth well ove $1,000 USD.

A local video game store in Nebraska closed in 1994 and placed its stock in a storage facility. It was believed at the time that a new owner would eventually come and retrieve the stock. For better or for worse, that moment never arrived. The stash of retro video games has been sitting in the facility for nearly thirty years.

Nebraska-based reseller Gameroom dug up the treasure and posted its discovery on YouTube. Some of the finds were games that were rather common at the time and therefore would now be considered of little value to collectors. These include Madden 94 and NBA Jam. However, others are significantly rarer and would cost collectors a decent chunk of cash.

Some of the highlights of the collection are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time, Final Fantasy III, and Breath of Fire II, and Chrono Trigger. Turtles In Time has fetched as high as $1,400 while both Final Fantasy III and Breath of Fire II have brought in $1,200. Chrono Trigger's pricing is all over place, but could go for as much as $2,600 if properly graded. The collection is so substantial that games that often will cost a pretty penny have been overshadowed by some of the bigger titles. Many of the titles in the collection such as Aladdin can be worth up to $500. Some of these games may even be worth more since they are sealed and in perfect condition.

Gameroom noted that they it not share specific details about the value of the collection until it has fully preserved and cataloged it. It is unclear at this time if any of the games will be professionally graded or when games from the collection will be for sale. Gameroom hinted on its website, “Gameroom's warehouse is overloaded. Stay tuned as we inventory one of the largest collections around!”

Images courtesy of Gameroom