Seagate Unveils 'World's Fastest' Enterprise Hard Drive, Enterprise Turbo SSHD Solid State Hybrid Drive

Seagate’s Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) technology is taking a step forward, into the enterprise space. The company announced that it has created the “world’s fastest” enterprise hard drive with the Seagate Enterprise Turbo SSHD.

Seagate’s SSHD technology has been available in notebooks and desktops for some time now, and it ostensibly offers near-SSD performance at near-HDD prices by incorporating some solid state technology with traditional spinning disk design. The ‘tweener option is an interesting one, and it makes sense in the enterprise space. Seagate bills the drive as ideal for servers that operate mission-critical operations such as big data and transaction processing.

Seagate Enterprise Turbo SSHD

The Enterprise Turbo SSHD purports to offer 3x the performance of standard 15K RPM drives and features 600GB of capacity, 32GB of NAND, and fine-tuned storage tiering with Adaptive Memory technology. The 2.5-inch drive comes with a 5-year warranty.