Seagate Unveils Enterprise Performance 15K HDD v6, World’s Fastest Hard Drive

Seagate HDD

You might think that storage makers are 100 percent focused on solid state drives these days, but that isn't the case. Mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) still offer the best price-per-gigabyte ratio for bulk storage duties, and to keep things going, Seagate today announced its Enterprise Performance 15K HDD v6 in 300GB, 600GB, and 900GB capacity options.

This is the 6th generation of Seagate's Enterprise Performance HDD line and not only is it the fastest and best performing to date, Seagate claims you can't buy a faster HDD from any manufacturer. That translates into a sustained transfer rate of up to 315MB/s. Using an enhanced caching feature, Seagate says buyers can expect up to a 27 percent increase in sequential data rate, up to 100 percent faster random write performance, and up to 10X faster response times in real-world workloads.

Seagate Enterprise Performance HDD v6

"Seagate is once again driving innovation to meet the needs of today’s data-driven economy," said John Morris, vice president of global HDD products at Seagate. "Our new Enterprise Performance 15K HDD ensures that the data is secure, available on demand and always bringing more value to our customers. With Seagate’s broad portfolio of both HDDs and SSDs, we’re able to cover the full range of storage solutions, delivering high performance and capacity with affordable versatility to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s data centers."

The Enterprise Performance 15K HDD v6 is a 2.5-inch drive designed for 24/7 multi-drive environments. Using Seagate's FastFormat feature, the drive is available in both a 512 native and a single advanced format (512e and 4Kn) model to simplify integration into virtually all data centers.

Seagate's 6th generation drive also boasts drive-level data security and data integrity while the drive is at rest, recording, or retired, and has a mean time between failure (MTBF) rating of 2 million hours.

The new drives will be available this quarter, though Seagate didn't say for how much.