Seagate Thunderbolt Adapter Available Now

There’s no doubt that Thunderbolt is establishing a foothold in the industry, but things are still at that awkward stage where the technology is here and available, but there aren’t too many hard drives shipping with the interface on board. Of those that are shipping, many are priced rather high.

Seagate’s in-between solution, available now, is the GoFlex Thunderbolt adapter, which allows you to mount a GoFlex portable drive and connect to a Thunderbolt port for those lightning-fast (er, thunderbolt-fast?) transfer speeds promised by the new technology.

The adapter will run you $99, and you’ll still need the Thunderbolt cable, which isn’t exactly cheap. Still, it’ll get you into Thunderbolt territory, and if you already own a compatible hard drive, the cost to get there isn’t bad.