Seagate Crams 2TB Of Storage Into Dual-Platter 7mm Notebook HDDs

We learned just earlier about the release of Seagate's mammoth 8TB enterprise hard drives, and as we now see, that wasn't the only trick the company had up its sleeves today. Also announced is a brand-new mobile hard drive that packs a staggering 2TB under its 7mm hood.

While 2TB mobile hard drives are not new, a drive that offers such high density into this particular thickness is. It means that those wanting the thinnest notebooks possible won't need to sacrifice overall storage. 2TB of storage in an Ultrabook is quite dreamy.

Seagate Ultra Mobile

Despite the drive's small size, it should also be a fairly good performer thanks to the fact that it consists of two mammoth 1TB platters - an industry first. That means that the hard drive head won't need to travel as far to access a certain area, and given the inclusion of only two platters, inter-drive transfers should be extremely fast as well.

Seagate notes that this drive is the first to incorporate recording subsystem components, which includes the head, preamp, media, and channel, to achieve this insane areal density. Overall, the drive weighs a mere 3.17oz, and according to Seagate costs much less than an SSD at 1/8th the density (though no price is given.)

With 2TB packed into such a small drive, it really does make one wonder just how far these can go. While 8TB in a full-sized 3.5-inch drive is impressive, 2TB in a drive 7mm thick is on another level.