Seagate Announces Beastly 8TB Game Drive Hub For Xbox One Family

seagate game hub
The 4K-capable Xbox One X might be the gaming console hardware stare of E3 (so far), but Seagate is making some waves of its own with the introduction of the new Game Drive Hub for the Xbox One. The external hard drive offers a positively massive, for a console, 8TB of storage space.

Microsoft is promoting its recently-launched Xbox Game Pass subscription service, which offers 100+ games and requires you to download each full game to your hard drive instead of streaming it directly. The 1TB HDD that is included with the new Xbox One X might not be enough to keep up with your downloading habits with Xbox Game Pass, so the Game Hub Drive definitely can help in that area. It is capable of holding over 200 games — Seagate says that the average game weighs in at between 35GB to 50GB — and plugs in to a free USB 3.0 port on your console.

Seagate also has designed it so that you don’t lose an USB port on your Xbox One by hooking up the Game Hub Drive — it includes two front-facing ports to daisy chain other Game Drives or even connect/power your gaming peripherals (hence the “Hub” in the name).

seagate game hub

The Game Hub Drive is finished in white, which makes it perfect pairing for the Xbox One S. Unfortunately, this means that it won’t match the Xbox One X, which is finished in black.

The Seagate Game Drive Hub will be available later this month from the usual suspects like Best Buy and Amazon for $199.99. For comparison’s sake, you can get a standard (and nearly identically-designed) Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB external drive from Amazon for around the same $200 and it will match perfectly with the Xbox One X.

As for the Xbox One X, it is priced at a hefty $499 and will be available on November 7th. If the Xbox One X is too rich for your blood, Microsoft announced a $50 price cut this week for the more plebian Xbox One S. It is unknown, however, how long this latest price reduction will last.