Seagate And Amazon Partner To Launch 1TB External Drive That Automatically Backs Up To Amazon Drive Cloud Storage

When it comes to your data, we always suggest having multiple backups in place. Well, Amazon and Seagate have partnered up to make backing up files to different locations and storage mediums easy and seamless. What they've designed is an external hard drive called that Seagate Duet that automatically syncs all data to the cloud via Amazon Drive.

The external drive offers 1TB of local storage in a slim and lightweight form factor that is as portable as a smartphone. It connects to PCs through a USB 3.0 connection for fast data transfers, though the Duet is a mechanical hard drive so it's not going to offer the level of performance as a solid state drive like Samsung's Portable SSD T3.

Seagate Duet

Other than the type of storage and resulting performance, the different between those two drives is that Seagate's Duet is a two-for-one solution, syncing data to Amazon's highly reliable S3 cloud infrastructure. Users can drag and drop files to the Duet just like any other external drive and they'll be uploaded to the user's Amazon Drive account. There is also the option to backup files from smartphones and tablets using the Amazon Drive mobile app.

"Photos and videos on a mobile device constitute some of the most precious moments a person may have. With the Amazon Drive mobile app, people can easily back up files from their smartphone or tablet to the cloud. With the Seagate Duet drive, they can view and back up their favorite memories and files stored on their computer as well as on their smartphone or tablet using the Amazon Drive mobile app. So whether the user is plugged in at home or out hiking the Redwoods, Seagate Duet and Amazon Drive work in harmony to ensure dual backup of the memories they capture along the way," Seagate says.

The Seagate Duet is available to pre-order now on Amazon for $100 and is backed by a two-year warranty. For a limited time it comes with one year of Amazon Drive Unlimited Storage for new Amazon Drive customers, which itself is a $60 value. If a customer returns the Duet after buying it, the year of free online storage reduces to three months.