SEA Hacks Forbes Website, Emails And Passwords Stolen, You Know The Drill

Another day, another hack. This time it was the Forbes website that was compromised, and once again it’s the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) that claimed responsibility for the hack.

Forbes posted a message on Facebook announcing the hack and said that anyone who’s registered with the site should change their passwords. The thieves made off with passwords, too, although those were encrypted and should be safe. However, portions of the Forbes site are down, including the blog section.

SEA Forbes admin panel
(Click to enlarge)

The SEA took credit for the breach on Twitter, posting both a screenshot of the admin panel and a users table with a database of some 16,000 names. “We didn't publish the user table of Forbes to show off, but because they deserved to be embarrassed,” wrote the SEA. The server that the SEA hacked into was located in the UK.

These hacks are getting so common that we almost could cut and paste the stories and just write in the name of whichever company happened to be in the crosshairs this time around. There is a clear need for better security all around the Internet.