Office Depot Joins 3D Printing Revolution, Now Stocking Cube 3D Printers

Every so often, there's a product category that truly transcends, and you can tell from the get-go that it's going to have a massive impact on society if given enough time. 3D printing is one of those things. It has already taken off in the hacker / Maker-space, and there are plenty of Kickstarter success stories surrounding the world of 3D printing. Now, however, we're starting to see these devices cross over into the mainstream, and perhaps save a store that has become increasingly irrelevant now that Amazon, NewEgg and a host of other e-tailers exist.

Office Depot has just announced that it will soon begin stocking the Cube and the CubeX, two 3D printers that have previously been available online only. Cube 3D printers are ready to use right out of the box. Featuring Wi-Fi for a simple connection to other devices, they are compatible with Mac or Windows and come with 25 free 3D templates designed by professional artists, with additional templates available online.

The Cube will sell for $1299, while the CubeX will sell for $2499. It could be just the start of a store such as Office Depot reinventing itself to sell items that are more relevant to today's technology buyer, and if it hopes to avoid the Circuit City path, now's a great time to start.