Scythe to Launch Low-Tech HDD Expansion Kit

Scythe, the Japanese company that specializes in the art of CPU cooling, has come up with a novel way to attach additional internal storage to your PC.

The solution goes by the name of the Slot Rafter and allows you to attach up to four additional HDDs or SSDs to your system by slotting a mounting module in a spare PCI slot (nowadays, they’re all spares) within your PC.

The module has no electronic elements to it, the “card” sticks out of the PCI slot and screws to the bracket mount, just like a regular expansion card. You can then attach one to four additional 2.5-inch drives to the mounting hardware.

Mounting holes are provided for two 80mm fans on the bottom of the device to improve heat dissipation – for Scythe fans, we guess. It would’ve been interesting to see the fans connect directly to the “card” and draw power from the PCI bus, freeing up fan headers on the motherboard, but we presume Scythe wanted to keep this simple and low-tech.

The only downside we see right now is that it’ll eat up some slot real-estate as the drive mounting means you’ll lose the bracket just above the PCI slot being used as well, and if you use fans, the bracket below too.

Currently this item is only available in Japan, but it should make its way here in no time. Storage enthusiasts should have a ball with this one...