Scosche Intros Dual-USB Chargers For iPads And High-Power Tablet Charging

If you've been in the market for an iPad, you should probably give our review a look first. After that, you should probably be aware that charging Apple's first tablet is somewhat of a burden, particularly compared to just how easy it is to charge an iPhone, iPod touch or most anything else from the company. The iPad requires at least 10 watts from a USB port, and most USB 2.0 ports aren't designed to output that much power. Several of Apple's newer computers will output that when they're not in Sleep mode, but unless you have one, you'll need to carry around the included wall plug.

Or, you could look to Scosche. On the heels of the iPad announcement, this accessory company has introduced the new Revive II line,  which includes a home a car AC adapter with two USB sockets designed for high-output charging to use with devices like the iPad. The interesting part here is that future slates and tablets are likely to run into this same problem; with higher capacity batteries comes charging needs that cannot be handled with existing connections. Each adapter comes with one standard USB port (for charging lower power devices like iPhone) and a high-power output for tablets.

The company has also introduced their Kickback P1 case, which is something that Apple should've included from the start. It's somewhat difficult to use the iPad while seated without some sort of stand, but this peripheral definitely takes the edge off. The reVIVE II chargers will retail for $24.99 (car) and $29.99 (home) and are available now for pre-order on and in shipping late spring, while the case will be available this summer at $44.99.

Chargers feature dual USB ports to power iPad and another USB powered device at home or in the car

Innovative chargers join iPad accessory line that already includes kickBACK case and stand and five earphone models

Oxnard, CA, – April 07, 2010 – Scosche Industries, an award-winning innovator of iPod, iPhone and now iPad accessories, is proud to announce two new additions to its quickly expanding iPad accessory line – reVIVE II Dual USB Chargers for home and car.  Each of the two reVIVE II chargers features a 2.1 Amp (iPad) and 1 Amp (iPhone or any other USB powered devices) port so iPad users can power their new iPad and another handheld device simultaneously from one wall outlet or car power port.  According to Pew Researche’s Internet and the American Life the average consumer owns between 3 and 4 gadgets, which makes the additional USB port on both reVIVE II models a welcome addition for most consumers. 

“The new chargers and kickBACK P1 case are just the tip of the iceberg for our iPad accessory line,” said Kas Alves, executive vice president of Scosche Industries.  “We will be announcing several industry first products via our Twitter and Facebook pages in the coming weeks, so become a follower and fan today so you don’t miss anything.”

Should users confuse the two USB ports the iPad will charge slower in the 1A port and other devices will simply charge at the same rate in the 2.1A port – no devices would be damaged by mistakenly plugging the wrong device into the wrong port and the ports are clearly labeled to help avoid any confusion.

The reVIVE II chargers will retail for $24.99 (car) and $29.99 (home) and are available now for pre-order on and in shipping late spring.

The two chargers join the much-anticipated kickBACK P1 for iPad, which will be available for preorder on for $44.99 and shipping early summer.  The shatterproof polycarbonate and rubber hybrid case provides superior protection for Apple’s new iPad tablet.  The case’s patent pending locking kickstand enables both vertical and horizontal viewing and has a low angle setting for the optimal typing position.