Scan Checks At Home. Buy Your Own Toaster

I remember the good old days when banks would offer new customers gifts like toasters or other housewares when you opened up an account. Of course, the good old days weren't really very good, because you had to stand in line at the bank fairly often instead of using direct deposit, internet banking, credit and debit cards, and ATMs to manage your finances remotely. The final reason to visit a bank regularly might become a thing of the past, as CheckFree Corp. is equipping banks with the tech they need to allow customers to scan checks slated for deposit, then deposit them electronically.

Called Remote Deposit Capture, the technology lets people scan checks through their home computers and deposit them electronically has been around for several years, but it has been used mainly for businesses.

Customers want to be able to deposit checks without having to go to banks, said Rod Springhetti, CheckFree's vice president of global strategic marketing, and banks want to be able to offer that.

"I think the ability to remotely capture a check will become part of the standard features and functions of online banking," Springhetti said.

Well, I'd love to do that, as I hate to go to the bank for any reason. It's more convenient to do all your banking from home over the internet, and none of your pens are chained to your desk.

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