Save $1000+ On Gorgeous Samsung OLED TVs With Great Memorial Day TV Deals

Samsung S90C OLED TV on a gray gradient background.
Intense competition on the TV space has allowed manufacturers and retailers to offer some enticing discounts on high end models, including OLED displays, which are the cream of the crop in terms of image quality. Driving this point home are some big savings that are up for grabs on several of Samsung's OLED TVs, including a few that are $1,000 or even way more below MSRP.

Once such TV is Samsung's 65-inch S90C OLED, which is marked down to $1,599.99 direct from Samsung (save $1,000). It wasn't all that long ago when scoring an OLED TV in this size range would set you back quite a bit more, but that is no longer the case.

The S90C sports a QD-OLED panel to deliver a crisp 4K resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate (save for the 83-inch model, which is a 4K/120Hz unit). It also features four HDMI 2.1 ports, each of which delivers the full 48Gbps of bandwidth that the spec supports. The only real negative is that Samsung continues to shun Dolby Vision, but HDR support is still part the package via HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG.
If the 65-inch model isn't what you're after, you can score deals on other sizes too, as outlined above.

Angled view of Samsung's S95C OLED TV on a platform sitting on a gray watery surface.

If you're working with a larger budget, you can also score deals on Samsung's S95C OLED TVs. For example, the 65-inch Samsung S95C OLED is discounted to $1,999.99 at Samsung's store (save $1,300 versus MSRP) right now. That's $400 more than the S90C, so what exactly does the premium net you versus the S90C series?

They're similar overall, with both the S90C and S95C using QD-OLED panels and featuring a 4K resolution with a native 120Hz refresh rate. Where the S95C differs is with a thinner design facilitated by removing the inputs and plopping them into an included external One Connect box. If you're aiming to mount your TV to your living room wall, the S95C is the better bet (though you can mount the S90C to the wall as well).

The S95C series also amps up the HDR brightness a bit to help make HDR content pop even more. Neither one will reach the same eye-searing levels as some of the mini LED TVs that are on the market, but both the S90C and S95C are no slouches (just take a moment to look up some reviews and you'll see overwhelmingly positive impressions for both models).
Lastly, the S95C tops out at 77 inches, as it lacks a larger 83-inch option. Current sale pricing on all three sizes offered are listed above.

Beyond OLED, Samsung is also serving up deals on some mini LED and regular LED models. Here are a few...

Samsung QN90D Neo QLED mini LED TV on a gray gradient background.
One other thing to note is that Samsung offers even deeper discounts to military (past and present), government employees, students and teachers, medical professionals, first responders, and nurses. Check out Samsung's Offers Programs on how to register for special pricing.