Saturday Night Live Skit Pokes Fun at Google Glass

By now you've undoubtedly heard about Google Glass, the wearable computer with a head-mounted display (HMD) that will allow you to interact with the environment in a smartphone-like manner, but without using your hands. You speak commands and it responds, so you want to take a picture of what you're seeing, you simply tell Google Glass to do so. The idea that anyone at any time could be recording you in a public setting without your knowledge -- in a restaurant restroom, for example -- has led to some privacy concerns, but on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, a whole slew of other potential issues were brought to light.

Actor Fred Armisen plays the part of Randall Meeks, a hipster tech correspondent who's all too excited to show off his pair of Google Glasses to Seth Meyers on SNL's "Weekend Update" news segment, which mixes real news with comic commentary and often features fake guests. When Meeks appears, Meyers asks him for his early thoughts on Google Glass.

"Oh Seth, they're amazing. You know, I used to spend so much time of my life looking down at my phone, and now thanks to Google Glass, the phone is up here and I can use it without being rude or distracting."

Google Glass Skit on SNL

He then starts whipping his head around to toggle through menus, adding that "It's great because no one knows you're doing it." Later on in the skit, Meeks tries to locate Italian restaurants in the area by yelling out "Italian" in several vain attempts for his command to be recognized, and when it finally is, Google Glass switches the language settings to Italian, forcing Meeks to speak in a foreign language.

The problems Meek faces largely center on voice recognition, which is something anyone with a modern smartphone can relate to, only it's a lot more comical to see someone struggle with getting a Google Glass device to recognize a command.

Check it out below if you're in need of a good laugh.