Satoshi’s $1 Million Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Gets Sweet SNARKy $70,000 Side Quest

satoshis treasure
Sometimes, news reports regarding free money can sound a bit too good to be true – especially anytime cryptocurrency is involved. That was most definitely the case when we first heard about Satoshi’s Treasure, which is an online scavenger hunt that will net the winner a sweet prize worth $1 million in Bitcoin.

The $1 million scavenger hunt first kicked off back in April, but along the way, there have been side quests with additional payouts in Bitcoin. Today, a fourteenth clue that will lead to the jackpot prize has been released, and it is worth an additional $70,000 in Bitcoin. The key to unlock this side quest is found in the image below:

satoshi 14
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The clue provided with the image seems rather innocuous, simply stating “Don’t be so SNARKy”. According to The Next Web, this Zero Knowledge key, which was released today, SNARKy is a reference to the Zcash cryptocurrency that uses proprietary ZK-SNARKs to secure transactions. In addition to the Bitcoin prize worth $70,000, three keys will also be offered up.

Of the 14 clues that have been released so far (including today’s Zero Knowledge Key), only 10 have been solved so far by teams chasing the grand prize. The $1 million in Bitcoin has been divvied up into 1,000 shards. However, the first team that manages to secure 400 shards will unlock the full prize.

bitcoin pile

You can read more about Satoshi’s Treasure and how to get a leg-up on the competition with the following links (#1#2).

Bitcoin has been on an upward trajectory over the past few months, and really skyrocketed last week after Facebook announced its global Libra cryptocurrency with backing from heavy hitters in the financial field including Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal along with companies like Spotify and Lyft. Before the Libra announcement, Bitcoin was sitting at about $9,143. Now, one Bitcoin is worth $11,365.