Sarotek's T2 Media Streamer Demands Your Attention

Media players and media streamers are a dime a dozen these days, but much like most Wi-Fi routers, few of these are actually stylish enough to sit out in the open. Asian companies have a thing for showing up the others in terms of design, and Sarotek's new T2 shows exactly how and why.

The company's new media player is extremely small, and it's powered by a 500MHz Sigma SMPS8653 CPU. It can be used as a UPnP media player, stream content from NAS devices and it fully supports DTS/Dolby surround sound, HDMI 1.3 and Full HD MKV files. There's also a USB port onboard to load in local media.

Further details, including a price and release date, are to be revealed in the future. We're guessing it'll be awhile before Americans see it through.