Sapphire Toxic x800, Lian Li PC-73slb and More

Good evening friends, welcome back :)  After a tremendously long day at work, I am SO ready for some shuteye.  However, before I hit-up the Sandman for some sleepy dust, let's take a few minutes to see what has happened outside the HH box since our last update...

 Sapphire Toxic X800 Pro Review @ AMD Zone

"Earlier in the spring, Nvidia and ATI updated their product line with their X800 and 6800 product lines showing a massive leap in performance from the pervious generation of cards. With some time since then, most vendors have had their cards based off those reference designs out, but that for the most part it is simply a bunch of look alike video cards that all perform the same. However, as time has moved on since the initial launch, it has given the vendors the opportunity to adjust ATI's reference designs and tweak the cards out to the maximum to get every bit of performance and distance themselves from their competitors. Today we look at a card that attempts just that, Sapphire's Toxic X800 Pro, with an amazing game bundle with full versions of Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow on DVD, VIVO, silent cooling, temperature monitoring, and performance enhancement software all for an MSRP of $469 to see if they can pull off making one of the best X800 Pro cards on the market."

 Lian Li PC-73slb Full Tower Review @ ClubOC

"Looking for an ultra high quality full tower case that is not packed with highly functional features, but extremely quiet? Then look no further because we have just the case you've been looking for. Today we take a look at one of Lian Li's more recent releases, the PC-73slb Full Tower Enclosure! This phantom black beauty is the perfect solution for housing your high end gaming system, or it can be the perfect server case with it's massive drive space. What you do with the PC-73slb is your choice, but whatever you choose to use it for, you can count on it to do it's job well for many years"

 ATI's Andrew Dodd Interviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware

"I'd like to see the CATALYST driver as the #1 selling point for all ATI graphics card ;-) We're going to stay focused and continue delivering the most stable, high performance driver in the industry. We're also going to put significant effort into enhancing the usability and features available to the end-user in the coming months."

 Coolmax Gemini 3.5" HDD Aluminum Enclosure @

"Moving files from one computer to another can be a true pain especially if you don't happen to have the luxury of network available to you in that time of need. That's when an external hard drive is worth its weight in gold. But to have one you're going to need an enclosure to put it in. Today we take a look at the Coolmax Gemini 3.5" Aluminum External Enclosure that will work perfectly for just this purpose."

 Cooler Master Centurion 5 @ Viper Lair

"What I was most impressed with was the ease in using the case. As a computer technician by trade, I often need often to test parts and swap components frequently. With the Centurion 5, in a matter of minutes I can do everything I want quickly and efficiently. Granted, the motherboard will take some time to remove, but everything else from expansion cards to hard drives are a snap to swap."

That is all I have friends.  Catch us back here in the AM :) - Cheers

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