Delivering the highest levels of graphics performance ever achieved in the PC industry, Sapphire Technology has just introduced its latest new series of graphics accelerators with the most sophisticated and powerful graphics processing solutions yet.

The exciting new RADEON X1900 series is a development of the architecture of the recently introduced RADEON X1000 series. Using a new GPU built with a staggering 384 million transistors on the latest 90nm chip technology the RADEON X1900 series has been developed to deliver the highest levels of performance available today in single or dual GPU systems.

Features of the new architecture include 48 pixel shader processors and 8 vertex shader processors together with a 512-bit ring-bus based internal memory controller together delivering true Direct X 9 Shader Model 3.0 compatibility. Sophisticated large scale multi-threading is supported with hundreds of simultaneous threads across multiple cores – and the ability to handle small thread sizes and multiple shader instructions per thread maximizes processor efficiency. The huge dynamic range of this new processor enables ultra realistic effects - such as dynamic soft shadows and the physical simulation of fluids like rain or water - to be processed faster than ever before.

Image quality is unrivalled, with 64-bit floating point High Dynamic Range rendering (HDR), blending capability and a new higher quality anisotropic filtering (AF) combined with up to 12x Anti-Aliasing (AA) in Crossfire mode. The architecture also supports AvivoTM delivering vibrant high fidelity images and video playback to the latest High definition video standards and is HDTV ready.

Sapphire is introducing several models in this exciting new family, all featuring 512MB of high speed GDDR3 memory. Top of the range is the RADEON X1900XTX with its 650MHz engine clock and 775MHz (1550MHz effective) memory clock frequency, while the RADEON X1900XT has 625MHz and 725MHz (1450MHz effective) clocks respectively. There is also a RADEON X1900 Crossfire Edition card which supports either of the other two models in dual GPU systems.

Retail versions of these new Sapphire graphics accelerators are shipping with Sapphire Select, the exciting new way to deliver a choice of games to the end user. Each card is bundled with a DVD containing a selection of top applications and games from several leading software houses. The end customer can play each of the games for a one hour trial before choosing which titles he or she wants to keep and using the activation codes for those titles.


Sapphire X1900 Series


RADEON X1900 XT RADEON X1900 CrossFire
Engine Clock 650MHz 625MHz 625MHz
Shader Units 48 48 48
Memory Clock 775MHz DDR2 725MHz DDR2 725MHz DDR2
Memory Interface 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Memory Support 512MB 512MB 512MB
Bus Interface PCI Express x16 PCI Express x16 PCI Express x16
Max 3D Resolution 2560 x 1600(DVI) 1024 x 768@200Hz(TV out) 2560 x 1600(DVI) 1024 x 768@200Hz(TV out) 2560 x 1600(DVI) 1024 x 768@200Hz(TV out)
Hardware / Software Features DirectX 9, ShaderModel 3.0, Avivo DirectX 9, ShaderModel 3.0, Avivo DirectX 9, ShaderModel 3.0, Avivo


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