Sanyo’s Latest Xacti Camcorder Supports Eye-Fi

Sanyo introduced the latest product in its Xacti camcorder series. The new DMX-WH1E is the same as the DMX-WH1 but with the added support for Eye-Fi cards. Using an Eye-Fi card, the camcorder can transmit still images and videos directly to PCs and to online photo sharing sites using a wireless LAN connection.

As you’ll recall, the Eye-Fi card is an SD memory card that has wireless LAN capabilities. The Eye-Fi Share 2GB model is capable of uploading photos, while the Eye-Fi Share Video 4GB can upload both photos and videos.

In order to add Eye-Fi functionality to the DMX-WH1E, Sanyo revised the DMX-WH1’s firmware. More specifically, the new firmware has the ability to set access points using the camcorder. A power supply management feature will automatically stop transmitting data depending on the remaining battery life. For example, the camcorder will automatically stop transmitting data if the battery reaches about 10%. This function is designed to help prevent damaged data from low battery voltage during transmission.

Like the DMX-WH1, the DMX-WH1E can shoot about 200 minutes of video using the included 1,900mAh Li-ion secondary battery. The camcorder is also water resistant to JIS IPX5/IPX8 qualifications. Sanyo claims you can capture video for up to 60 minutes at a depth of 3m in water. The camcorder supports 1,280 x 720-pixel HD resolution.

No retail price has been given at this time, but estimated street prices put the DMX-WH1E at approximately $568. The DMX-WH1E will come out June 19.