SanDisk Soars To New Heights With 32GB MicroSDHC Card

MicroSDHC. It's a card within the popular Secure Digital family, but it's one you don't hear about very often. It's extremely small, smaller than a thumbnail, and they're generally quite expensive and only useful for cellphone owners. You see, most MicroSDHC card slots are found on mobile phones, where a small card is needed to boost storage capacity on a small device. Up until now, 16GB was the maximum size, and even those cost well over $100 at launch.

SanDisk is utilizing a newer 32nm X3 process technology in order to cram more memory than ever into the same MicroSDHC card format. The new ceiling sits at 32GB, a whopping amount that should satisfy all but the most avid of media collectors. This basically means that you can soon store up to 32GB of music, videos and images onto phones that support MicroSDHC (or any other MicroSDHC-supporting device, for that matter).

The card will be available starting today from SanDisk's website, with worldwide retail availability to follow next month. The new card comes with a 5 year limited warranty and carries a retail price of $199.99. We never said getting such a crazy amount of storage onto a flash card no bigger than your thumbnail would be inexpensive, but at least it's a possibility today. Couldn't say that with a straight face yesterday!
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