SanDisk Launches Super Speed Extreme PRO SSD For Gamers And Enthusiasts

Attention gamers, SanDisk just launched a solid state drive built specifically for you. It's called the SanDisk Extreme PRO, and in case you can't tell by the "PRO" designation, the use of all-caps should let you know that SanDisk means serious business here. All kidding aside, this really is a performance-oriented SSD.

SanDisk claims the Extreme PRO can hit sequential read and write speeds of up to 550MB/s and 520MB/s, respectively, along with random read performance of up to 100,000 IOPS and random write performance of up to 90,000 IOPS. That's for the 240GB model -- the Extreme PRO is also available in 480GB and 960GB flavors. The only difference in performance between the two higher capacity models versus the 240GB SKU is that sequential write performance tops out at 515MB/s instead of 520MB/s.

SanDisk Extreme PRO

"Building off the success of our award-winning SanDisk Extreme II, the new SanDisk Extreme PRO leverages the latest developments in our innovative nCache Pro Technology to enable 24x7, real-world drive performance and responsiveness," said Kevin Conley, senior vice president and general manager, Client Storage Solutions at SanDisk. "With its ability to deliver consistently fast computing backed by the industry’s first 10-year limited warranty, the Extreme PRO SSD delivers the performance, trusted reliability and value that enthusiasts and professionals expect from SanDisk."

The Extreme PRO is compatible with SanDisk's SSD Dashboard application for Windows, which offers up drive performance monitoring, firmware updates, manual or scheduled TRIM, secure erase, and drive health, longevity, and temperature indicators.

SanDisk says you'll find the Extreme PRO selling online and through brick-and-mortar stores sometime this month for $189 (240GB), $369 (480GB), and $599 (960GB).