SanDisk Gets Its SSD On With New Solid State Drives

Over the years, SanDisk has become best known as a supplier of flash memory cards and accessories. But the SanDisk folks we talked to at CES today say they'd really like to squeeze SSDs onto that list as well. In fact, SSDs were all they wanted to talk about at the show. And in terms of its specifications, their new consumer SSD, the SanDisk Ultra Plus, seems excellent. We'll need to test it before giving the Ultra Plus an official thumbs up or down, but CES is all about the quick take, so here's ours.

SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD For Consumers

The SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD comes in 64, 128, and 256GB flavors. Expected sequential read/write speeds for the 128GB version are 530MBps / 290MBps and random read/write speeds are expected to be in the 80K IOPS / 33K IOPS range. The SSDs will be available “soon” and suggested retail prices are $74/$110/$219 for the 64/128/256GB models, respectively.

SanDisk is also promoting its new SSD for OEMs. The SanDisk X110 is Windows 8 WHCK-certified and SATA 6Gbps compliant (and supports SATA 1.5 and SATA 3Gbps). It can be used in desktops, of course, but the SSD is designed to be power-conservative with laptops and ultrabooks in mind.