SanDisk Announces $350 64GB Ultra SDXC Memory Card

SDXC is the next generation of the long-standing Secure Digital memory card format, which has become quite popular and pervasive over the past few years. SDXC was initially announced at CES 2009, and it has taken over a year for the first cards (from Panasonic) to ship to consumers. Now, SanDisk is marching in as the second memory company to ship an SDXC card to the public, and the price tag is somewhat less shocking here compared to the Panasonic variety.

The 64GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC promises up to 15MB/sec read speed and a Class 4 speed rating, but it's capable of capturing and storing "massive" 1080p video files with ease. SDXC cards are based on the new SD 3.0 specification, which means that some older devices (cameras, namely) will not accept these.

Still, this is definitely ushering in a new era for memory cards. The 64GB device can store more than eight hours of high-definition video with recording speed of 9 Mbps, and the exFAT file structure helps consumers record long-duration HD videos. To date, only a few devices have announced support for SDXC, but that number will surely grow in time. Asus' forthcoming Eee PC T101MT will support the format, as will Canon's newest line of VIXIA camcorder models.

The card is shipping now with a price of $349.99, which will almost certainly keep most consumers away for awhile.