SandForce Webpage Reveals MSI's Plans to Enter Solid State Drive Business

The past year has seen solid state drives (SSDs) grow bigger in capacity, run faster than ever, and come down in price, with many high-end drives now selling for around $1 per gigabyte, and sometimes less. Helping to spark this bang-for-buck renaissance is the fact that everyone and their uncle is kicking out SSDs these days, and many of them are turning to SandForce, which powers drives by nearly four dozen manufacturers. Soon you'll be able to add MSI to the list.

LSI SandForce maintains a webpage that lists all the SandForce-driven SSDs on the market, broken down by company. If you scroll down about midway, there's an interesting entry that lists MSI as one of SandForce's soon-to-be partners. According to the webpage, an MSI brand SSD built around the SandForce SF-2000 Series controller is "coming soon."

MSI Solid State Drive

Details on MSI's entrance into the SSD space are non-existent other than the type of controller, but what that tells us is that MSI is aiming for the high-end. The SF-2000 Series is a high-performance chipset supporting capacities up to 512GB and read/write transfers up to 500MB/s via a SATA 6Gb/s interface.