Samsung's JK Skin: "Still A Big Gap In Patent War With Apple"

Samsung and Apple. It's the tech war of the decade, and the two titans are at each other's throat in the public eye. Despite doing business with one another in backrooms for chips and whatnot, there's no love lost when it comes to design and IP. And even though a judge has ordered Samsung and Apple executives to get together and work out differences in short order, it's obvious from at least one side that a resolution may not be imminent. Reuters is reporting that Samsung's JK Skin (who is head of its mobile division), said there's still quite a ways to go before the two are anywhere close to agreement. Here's the quote:

"There is still a big gap in the patent war with Apple but we still have several negotiation options including cross-licensing."

To us, it seems obvious that cross-licensing seems like the only solution here, but who knows when the two will get close in terms of value. Moreover, Shin stated that the 4G chip shortage was "expected to continue until early in the fourth quarter of this year."

Whatever the case, it looks like the war isn't close to over, but at least the sides are being forced to talk. After all, all of this courtroom drama really isn't doing anything for consumers and innovation.