Samsung's Galaxy Tab Gets Update To Android 2.3

Samsung's Galaxy Tab is still widely regarded as a fantastic tablet, and it remains one of the few 7" tablets worth owning. For whatever reason, companies began to look to bigger form factors soon after the original Tab shipped, but that's made this early fellow one that still has a following. And Sprint knows that. The carrier just announced that Android 2.3 would be pushed down to the slate in the next four days, as part of a phased rollout that will bring one of the first major Android tablets up to speed with today's most modern smartphones.

That's to say that Android 3.0 is still nowhere to be found, so it's still not using an OS that was built from the ground-up for use on slates. But any update tends to be better than no update, and it's good to see Sprint still looking out for those early customers. You can visit the link below for more information, but if you're patient it should arrive over-the-air within the next few days.